No matter what, the apprehensions in our minds when it comes to things like hypnosis are visibly apparent and hard to get over. We have numerous doubts, worries, fears in our minds as we are looking towards something that hasn’t been proven by science and medicine. So what are the common myths when it comes to hypnosis? Let’s take you through:

Hypnosis is black magic:

No – it’s the result of extensive clinical research by the most famous psychologist of all time – dr. Sigmund Freud. It doesn’t have anything to do with special or supernatural powers, and just because it doesn’t have adequate medical evidence backing it, doesn’t make it something out of the world!


A hypnotist will control you:

It won’t happen. That’s because they are professionals and have a specific code of ethics in place which they have to abide with. These code of ethics and rules bind the hypnotists and forbid them from taking undue advantage of the fact that the client is entirely in their control. So you have absolutely no reason to be paranoid about the fact that you will be used or made to do things in the state of trance.

You experience hypnosis only if you sign up for the therapy:

Let’s bust this – it’s not true at all! Every person undergoes hypnosis twice – every day! Hard to believe right? But that’s the fact – you are hypnotized when you’re about to sleep and the next time is when you are waking up from your sleep. Hypnosis can also happen when you are reading a book or watching movies!

Hypnosis puts you to sleep:

No person ever hypnotized has been asleep. Just the eyes are shut for a more extended period. In fact, when a person is hypnotized, he has a heightened state of awareness of the things happening around him – he can even here better than he can normally!

Hypnosis can help detect lies:

Hypnosis is not a lie detector test. And even if a person reveals some facts in the session, they are to be kept private and are not revealed under any circumstances. So yes, hypnosis is not a therapy that’s targeted towards getting out lies from a person, but getting the person out of the kind of addiction, illness or trauma.

Hope these myth-busting facts cleared your doubts about hypnotic therapy!